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 Consciously Curated Home 

 Ottawa's Sustainable Home & Wardrobe Consultant 
  • Personal Wardrobe, Healthy Living and Organization Services

  • Professional Brand Styling

  • Virtual Consultations and Webinars

  • Customized Workshops and Events

  • Have an idea for a collaboration or unique project not listed? Contact Us for a custom quote! 

Wardrobe Edit
Healthy Living Audit
Home Organization

"Our Sustainable Home & Wardrobe Services reduce the clutter and toxins in your home, so you can enjoy healthy, stress-free living!"



Brittany Webster

Founder & Lead Consultant

What If...

The products, finishes and furnishings in your home were vetted and safe?
No worries about off-gasing, ingredients, sifting through greenwashing and overwhelming information.

You could dress with confidence?
Finding what you are looking for, knowing your clothing fits and is cared for, that you can piece together different outfits with ease and your own sense of style.

Your home was a sanctuary where you could unwind and relax?
Everything has its place, is beautifully organized and the things surrounding you hold meaning.

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