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Let's Work Together

Let's Work Together

Professional Services

Customized Events & Brand Consulting

Are you looking to create a customized workshop in the theme of sustainable fashion, lowering toxins, or decluttering? 

Perhaps you have another topic in mind and would like some guidance on sustainable initiatives?

Do you need to create a professional brand story, or want support bringing your creative vision to life?

Personal Services


Style, Healthy Living, Organization

How Can We Help?

Are you trying to let go of what no longer serves you?

Looking to source cleaner, healthier interior finishes and products?

Attempting to navigate greenwashing, certifications and sustainable jargon?

- or -

Simply trying to incorporate new habits that better honour our health and the planet?

Services are available in English or French,

online, or in-person (within the Ottawa area).

Wardrobe Edit

Your clothes should work for you, not the other way around. Let's take a closer look at your personal style, what you're reaching for in your closet and sustainable options moving forward. 1. Together, we will take a look at your closet, highlighting what works well for your body and sense of style, according to your lifestyle and needs.  2. We will discuss how you care for your clothes and organize your closet, for optimal efficiency and long-lasting quality. 3. We will remove everything from your closet and divide into piles by type.  We can then assess what is in need of mending or cleaning, what is no longer serving you and what you are reaching for most. *At this point you can choose to carry on sorting solo, together,  or book a follow-up at a later date. 4. As we sort through your clothing, we will help you identify silhouettes, textures, patterns and colours that work best for you and allow for a range of styling options.  5. We will create a plan of action (included in your post-consultation Personalized Guide) to fill any gaps in your wardrobe with sustainable brands and healthier fabrics, favouring quality pieces over quantity.

Healthy Living Audit

The products, materials and finishes you bring into your home matter. Let's work together to lower environmental toxins, improve your health and become more conscious consumers. 1. Having identified which area of your home or lifestyle your wish to concentrate on (i.e. food storage and preparation / personal care products / home finishes, etc.) we will take a closer look at what products you are currently using and your lifestyle (including daily habits).  2. We will discuss what you feel is working well for you (and your family) and where you may need more support.   3. We will guide you through resources and options available; explore product labels, ingredients and certifications; and highlight what to look for and what to avoid. 4. Together we will create a  prioritized plan of action which will allow you to implement changes at your own pace and feel confident in your choices.  *Lowering toxins in the home can feel overwhelming and takes time.  Our goal is to streamline the process by focusing on one aspect, while simplifying your routine and product options.

Home Organization

A home is neither a thoroughfare, nor a collection of objects. Let's separate the clutter and rework your living spaces to create beautiful, functional rooms you want to spend time in. 1. Having identified an area of your home to focus on, we will walk through the space to discuss what is working for you, how the space is actually being used and your vision for what it could be. 2. Keeping your lifestyle in mind, we will discuss options for creating a welcoming, efficient, beautiful space - whether reorganizing your pantry, or creating a cozy reading nook - we meet you where you're at and work with what you already have on hand. 3. We will remove everything from the space and divide objects into categories.  We can then assess what is in need of repair / cleaning, what is no longer serving you and what you are reaching for most often. *At this point you can choose to carry on sorting solo, together, or book a follow-up at a later date. 4. As we sort through your belongings, we will help identify textures, patterns and colours that work well with your surroundings and recommend sustainable homewares and finishes to complement your style and complete your space.

Not sure which area you wish to concentrate on or where to begin?
Book a call to explore the options, answer questions and learn about our process.


Upon completing a session, we will forward a Personalized Guide for implementing  the changes and suggestions we have discussed; highlighting organizations to sell, donate or consign to; and outlining what to look for in future purchases.

If you would rather we take on the task of donating and disposing of anything on your behalf, please let us know ahead of time and we can discuss an appropriate fee for this service.


Consultation Options:

In-person Visit
(Ottawa + surrounding area)

First Hour $149

Second Hour onwards $129/hr


First Hour $129
Second hour onwards $109/hr

Follow-ups & Returning Clients

In-person $129/hr

Virtual $109/hr

*Please do not take the trouble to tidy or rearrange prior to our visit, it is important that we get an honest feel for how your closet / home is being used and understand your needs before we begin.

*Life Happens: If you need to cancel or modify an appointment kindly provide 24 hours notice.

Covid Protocols:

Consciously Curated Home has implemented safety measures to protect your health which includes wearing a mask upon request, hand-washing / wearing gloves, and a flexible cancellation policy in case of symptoms.
Consultants are also fully vaccinated.


Brittany provided an efficient, thorough and professional service without judgment. She was sensitive to items of emotional significance and I appreciated her practicality throughout the process. I would recommend Consciously Curated Home to anyone who needs that friendly push to achieve their goals, whether it be reorganizing, downsizing or help with decorating!

- Noelle

Wardrobe Edit & Home Organization


Are you ready to make a change?
Reach out here.

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